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FTP Upload Instructions

How to Setup & Publish Your iHost Namo Hosting Account in WebEditor

Before you can start uploading, you'll need to open a hosting account. When your iHostnamo account is opened, we will send you customized uploading instructions. Simply enter your information and you'll be ready to go. Sign Up Now...

Step 1 of 2: Remote Site Setup

  1. Open Namo WebEditor

  2. To begin, you need to tell WebEditor where we want our files to be published. (Your Website)
    Navigate to File -> Remote Sites...

    File -> Remote Sites

  3. The Remote Settings Dialog Box will appear.
    You will need to add your Website to the Remote sites list by clicking Click Add.
    Add iHostNamo to Remote Site Settings

  4. In the "Remote Site Settings" dialog box, you will fill in the form fields using the information in your iHostNamo Welcome E-mail.

    Sample iHostNamo Welcome E-mail:
    If your domain name is, you would see similar information in the "Web Site" section of your Welcome E-mail. You will need to enter this information into the appropriate fields of Remote Site Settings dialog box.

    Sample info from Welcome E-mail:
    iHostNamo Email Setup Instructions

    Sample info filled into correct fields of "Remote Site Settings"
    iHostNamo Remote Site Setup

  5. Click Click Ok when you are finished entering your settings.

Step 2 of 2: Publishing Your Content to the Web

  1. Open the Publish window by clicking on
    Click Publish Window
    or by selecting File ->Publish...

    File -> Publish

  2. The Publish window is now open. Use the drop down menu on the top right to navigate to the Remote site you created.
    Select Your Remote Site

  3. On the left side, select the files/folders you want to upload and click Upload Button to upload.


Your files are now on your live website.